First Ascent

First Ascent
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All players are climbers competing to establish the best route up the mountain and become the most skilled climber! This will be measured by how many points each player gains throughout the game—the player with the most points wins. Points are gained in 4 ways:

  • Climbing pitches

  • Achieving objectives

  • Matching technique symbols

  • Reaching a Summit

Climbing characters

At the beginning of the game, every player chooses a climbing character to play as. Each of the 12 characters has a unique ability, and are asymmetrically designed so that more experienced players can choose a more challenging character.

How to Climb

The board is made up of hex tiles, called "pitches." Every pitch shows a unique combination of skills, gear, water and psych. You draw asset cards throughout the game to collect these assets.

You can advance onto a new pitch when you have all the assets shown on the tile. You’ll earn the points listed on the top.

Playing Asset Cards strategically and matching Technique symbols on each turn can earn you bonus points.

The Asset Cards you play can build up and become Permanent Assets, helping you climb more difficult pitches higher up the mountain.