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Trip Planning

Planning a trip can be one of the biggest barriers to actually taking a trip. You need to know where to go, how far to go, when to go, and how to get there… and that is just the start. While there are many resources at your disposal on the internet, there is no replacement for talking to someone experienced. A one on one conversation reveals more relevant and personal information for your trip. That is why Roads Rivers and Trails have always offered free trip planning consultations and advice. All it takes is a message or phone call to get started.

All Trip Planning Services are FREE

Pack Lists

We have carefully cultivated our packing list be useful to you no matter where you may be going. No matter the trip, this list serves as a conscience reminder that you should consider these items before departing. Not just in considering their usefulness or your dependence on them, but also to consider their condition and completeness before taking the journey. Get your free checklist in store or email us for a copy any time. Our experienced staff will go through the checklist with you and tailor it to fit your adventure.

Meal Planning

Bad meal planning is guaranteed to result in sour moods and bad energy. We can help you cater to specific diets or allergies and still get the calories you need. We have sample meal plans, calorie counters, and of course and amazing array of pre-made meals both freeze dried and dehydrated. Creating a meal plan can make a huge difference in your next trip!

Pack Shakedowns

A shakedown is the best way to learn how to properly pack your backpack and utilize its features. It’s also a great opportunity to review your pack checklist and make sure your kit is dialed in. We’ll start with a pack weight in and hopefully end with another one that has ounces or even pounds off your pack weight! This is a good time to do your pack fitting as well. Schedule a time for your shakedown and make the next trip better than the last.

Logistical Support

While we have not quite been everywhere, we’ll certainly never stop trying! The RRT staff prides themselves on constantly having new outdoor experiences and being able to bring those experiences back to talk about.  Let’s pull out a map, track some miles, find our camp, and mark our water sources. When you head out for the trail you should have some simple questions answered and we’ll help make sure you do. An RRT trip planner can sit down with you for a one on one walk through of your day to day experience.

Appalachian Trail Trip Prep

All it takes is a peak at our team page and you’ll find several AT thru hikers that are here at your disposal. Two of RRT’s founders are thru-hikers (06’/07′) and the trail stays near to our hearts. We know that it can be an amazing and even life changing experience, and we’d love to play a part! The Appalachian Trail is a trail like no other but we know right where to start. No matter if you are prepping for a section or for a thru-hike of the whole trail, stop by for your free trip planning session.

On Trail Guidance and Support

This service varies greatly on your trip needs. But the bottom line is that we want to see you succeed. We’ve been: a home base for sending out new equipment or food in mail drops, a worried parent support hub, and have even driven 22 hours to pick up our long distance hikers at trails end. Need a pep talk? We can do that too!

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