Warranty and Repair

Outdoor goods are designed to be tough and resilient. When you take trips to the wild outdoors, you expect your gear to stand up to the abuse. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and both manufacturers and users make mistakes. That is why we want to provide the resources so you can keep using your gear til the last drop of adventure is squeezed from its threads.


Fee: FREE with purchase*

Roads Rivers and Trails is happy to provide FREE warranty assistance for any products that have been purchased from our store. Warranties can be a headache to tackle and some people don't know where to start or what is covered under warranty. When we sell you a product we fully stand behind that product and manufacturer as being outstanding in their craft. That is why we only carry outdoor gear and clothing from select brands that produce high quality products and are committed to you as a customer. If a product's life cycle ends too soon, bring it into the store and we will advocate for it to be replaced or repaired under the manufacturer's warranty guidelines. Some shipping fees may be applied.

*Item being warrantied must be purchased through RRT as both a store and manufacturer guideline

In-House Repair

Fee: Parts plus Labor

When your gear is outside of its warranty don't call it quits yet! We can help with both factory repairs and select in-house repairs of your gear. Rejuvenate those loose tent poles, patch a leaky sleeping pad, or sew up a busted seam. We try to keep small repairs in-house to cut back on your cost and our environmental impact. Bring your troubled gear by for evaluation and we can get you a quote for the service. Prices vary in both time and materials needed.

Boat Repair

Fee: Parts plus Labor

Often your canoe or kayak can last you a lifetime, and for many manufacturers they'll put a warranty on it to match that! But when you have issues outside of the warranty (or are not the original owner) it can be intimidating to figure out. RRT has experience in repairing accessories on kayaks, but also more serious damage to older boats like a thinning, cracking, or oil-canning hull on an old canoe. Email us your request with pictures detailing your issues and we can give you an honest assessment of our abilities and total cost: rrt@roadsriversandtrails.com