Local Paddling

We wanted to make getting outside easier, so we've collected local resources for paddling in the greater Cincinnati area. You'll find helpful links to canoe and kayak rentals, river safety information, safety equipment, and paddling group information. For planning a trip on our beautiful National Scenic River, the Little Miami, check out downloadable Little Miami River Maps or for more river info and detailed maps visit ODNR

Canoe and Kayak Liveries

The best opportunity to experience kayaking or canoeing for the first time is through a rental. Luckily, our National Scenic River (Protected by the Little Miami Conservancy), has amazing businesses set up to help you do just that. Enjoy whatever section of river is closest to you.

Great Miami River Liveries

Wanting to try some still water first?

Many local state or county parks will also rent for lake use. Check them out here:

Safety First

Every year there are accidents and fatalities on our waterways that could be easily prevented. These accidents also jeopardize the lives of rescue workers. Beyond understanding river levels or contacting a paddle center before going, out there is more to know. Start by always wearing your life jacket! RRT rents paddles and life jackets. Want to stay safe? Here's some helpful info:

River Level Safety

Take a Class

As you should expect from a kayak retailer, safety brochures, PFD fittings, safety equipment, and general knowledge are always available for you here at RRT. Know before you go! Want a full checklist for your on the water adventuring? Ask for the RRT Watersports Checklist in-store.

Join a Group

Finding a community of paddlers can be a great idea! Groups mean finding new places, making transportation and shuttles easier, and a safer way to enjoy the water. Each organization is different; find one that is good for you and pick up some paddling tips from each other.