Equipment Installation

Car Rack Installation

Fee: Starting at $100 or FREE with purchase*

Car rack installations can be complicated, with many sets fit specifically to your make/model/year of car. To buy boxes from a shelf only to get home and realize you've dedicated an entire evening to installing your rack system with little or no confidence is discouraging. Don't get ripped off! Roads Rivers and Trails offers free car rack installation with all system purchases. Let an experienced fit and install specialist quickly and confidently do it for you.

Already purchased your rack system elsewhere? RRT can install any Yakima or Thule system for a $100 service fee. Having the proper system is extremely important. You are trusting your roof rack to carry luggage, skis, bikes, and kayaks safely down the highway, and even more so the car behind you is trusting your system!

Contact us for a free rack or carrier quote or to set up an appointment for your product installation.

*Total system purchase must be through RRT for free install to be applicable. Parts purchased elsewhere may have a fee associated with their installation.

Boat Accessories

Fee: Parts + Labor or FREE with purchase*

Found the almost perfect boat? Don't let the lack of a paddle holder, fishing mount, or drain plug keep you from buying it. We can install almost any accessory on almost any boat**. Come talk to us about the perfect placement and layout for your kayak and let's make it happen!

*Kayak purchase must be through RRT for free install to be applicable, parts sold separately.

**RRT cannot make modifications to boats with lesser quality molds or plastics.

Kayak Trailers

Fee: Starting at $150 or FREE with full price purchase*

Kayak trailers can be an easy way to transport your boat without a lot of heavy lifting. Unfortunately, they show up to your house in 4-5 boxes and will take all day to assemble yourself. At RRT we will assemble your trailer for free when it is purchased through us at full price. Already bought a trailer? No worries, we are still here to help. Depending on the make and model of the trailer* we can get you ready to roll for as little as $150.

*RRT works exclusively with Malone, Yakima, and Trailex trailers.