RRT Gives Back

Rethink Retail

RRT’s mission is to better our community and it’s future generations through education, stewardship, and positive experiences in the outdoors. RRT seeks to provide outdoor recreation access to all through outreach, organizational partnerships, and services that remove barriers. The company prioritizes vendor partners that share in our principles and innovate, making efforts toward sustainable goods. RRT strives to build a community through stewardship opportunities, inspiring action, and preparing for adventure. We build a family through consistent communication and inclusion of our employees in operations and always strive to provide them with the tools, benefits, and opportunities so that they can better grow and provide for themselves and their families.

Business with a Purpose

RRT has committed to donate at least 1% of their revenues to local not for profit environmental organizations. We are proud to officially be members of 1% for the Planet. Visit our Our Community Efforts page for more information on the beneficiaries and their initiatives.

Member Perks Update

For over a decade RRT has worked to promote outdoor organizations by offering their members discounts on purchases. The program was designed to promote the organization and bolster memberships. After meeting with these organizations, sending out a customer survey, and discussing it with staff we have determined that this program has not been of significant value to the organizations. For that reason we have discontinued all members perks programs and redirected our efforts and resources to more meaningful relationships and financial commitments to these organizations. We will honor all members perks till 3/1/25.

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