Belay Specs Version 2.0

Belay Specs
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See better when belaying, no more strained neck, only comfort at the crag.

Each pair of Belay Specs frame is stamped from stainless steel, then bent and assembled by hand.

01. How Belay Specs Work

Prisms Redirect Your Field of View 60? Upward

The functional heart of Belay Specs are the prisms that "bend" the light through reflection and refraction by 60 degrees. This means your neck has to bend that much less when you're watching your climbing partner through the Belay Specs. The image quality of the prisms is truly remarkable, providing a crisp, clear view of the climber and surrounding cliff. Many first time users comment: "I swear I see better looking through these!"

The Frame Makes the Difference

The frame is the skeleton of Belay Specs and positions the prisms in front of the users eyes. The frames are stamped in Utah from tough, springy carefully sourced stainless steel sheets. The stiff but moldable frame allows the arms and nose pieces to be adjusted by the user for a custom fit, as every climber has a unique nose and head size and features. The springy arms gently grip your head and prevent the specs from falling off. The frames are nearly indestructible, believe us, we’ve tried.

Silicone Keeps Things In Place

The arms and nose pieces are covered with silicone which provides some padding for comfort and some grip to keep the belay glasses in place. A keeper cord keeps your Belay Specs close at hand for quick transition in and out of belaying.

A Case to Protect Your Specs

Belay Specs come wrapped in a microfiber cleaning cloth inside a tough plastic case to handle the abuses that can happen while in a pack and at the crag.