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  • Wild Spaces and Their Impact on our Economy

    Thanks to H.R. 4665 passed in late 2016, the United States will now count the outdoor recreation industry as part of the national Gross Domestic Product, and there-in valued by economists.
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  • Volunteering In Beautiful Spaces – Maintaining Perspective

    It was easy to find the beauty of nature in Ashland. Outside of the sky and the wide plains, the culture of the Northern Cheyenne people created a sacredness and a sense of mystery around the plants and animals that surrounded our home. Suddenly the smell of sage and the sounds of dripping water were more than just sensations, but were a part of me.
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  • Dreamin'

    Blogs, magazines, and podcasts are my preferred inspirational crutch when my imagination is having a slow day. Here is my go-to list:
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