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Wicket is a 2, almost 3-year old Gerberian Shepsky who can often be found behind the counter at RRT. He frequently pokes his head out to keep an eye on the store and on potential new friends. Because he is always on the lookout for pets and treats, Wicket isn’t shy about asking for attention. He has backpacked in Ohio, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois! This guy carries his own food, water, and bedroll in his favorite Ruffwear pack. He spends his free time wishing that he could run around off-leash, or sitting on Ben’s couch waiting for the next adventure.


What trips are you currently day dreaming about?

We like to imagine that Wicket day dreams about what it’s like to be descended from (and often mistaken for) wolves

Is there a trip that you are planning to do next?

He plans to go on a nice walk in Clifton when Ben gets home from work

What was the last trip you took?

Wicket went along with Ben to the Charles Deam Wilderness in Indiana

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