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Emma Littmann

What’s up! My name is Emma. I’m a former “professional volunteer” and have spent a lot of time outdoors while living in some amazing places. While volunteering through Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest and AmeriCorps I lived in rural Montana and Southeast Alaska. Here I was lucky enough to live with incredible access to myriad trails, opportunities for simplicity and stillness, and a time to connect to the land. After stomping around glaciers, plains, and a rain forest for two years, I challenged myself to come home and find the same sense of wonder in nature back here in Cincinnati.

Two years later I can say that I did not succeed in my original mission, but instead learned that it was a goal that was not meant to be completed. Trying to put wonder in a box does a disservice to the mystery of the feeling. Now I remain on the lookout for wondrous things, but no longer try to force them out of hiding. I spend my days in seemingly average places, retail and food service, working with people who inspire and remind me to never stop working, seeking, and keeping my eyes open for learning opportunities in every experience.

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What trips are you currently day dreaming about?

Scotland / Wales, The Tahoe Rim Trail

Is there a trip that you are planning to do next?

Somewhere solo

What was the last trip you took?

Six of us from RRT went to Lake Clark and Kenai Fjords National Parks in August

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