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Emma Littmann

What’s up! My name is Emma. I’m a former “professional volunteer” and have spent a lot of time outdoors while living in some amazing places. While volunteering through Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest and AmeriCorps I lived in rural Montana and Southeast Alaska. Here I was lucky enough to live with incredible access to myriad trails, opportunities for simplicity and stillness, and a time to connect to the land. After stomping around glaciers, plains, and a rain forest for two years, I challenged myself to come home and find the same sense of wonder in nature back here in Cincinnati.

I hope to someday use my minimal influence to help bring more green spaces to cities as well as better outdoor access to those who don’t have the opportunity or means to travel. I would love to see more people have the ability to utilize the restorative power of nature for their mental, physical, and spiritual well being. It has always been a great help to me throughout my life when things get tough.


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What trips are you currently day dreaming about?

I’m especially inclined to make my way to South America, the Canadian Rockies, the Alaskan Interior, and anywhere that has good trees to climb.

Is there a trip that you are planning to do next?

I’d like to get more acquainted with distance biking so I’m hoping to bike the Little Miami Trail pretty soon.

What was the last trip you took?

Before leaving Alaska in June, my roommates and I took a week to camp across the Kenai Peninsula along the south-central part of the state.