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Brandon Behymer

Hi! My name is Brandon and I’ve been with the shop here for about three years now. My outdoor pursuits include backpacking, trail running, open water swimming, cycling on and off road, mountaineering, and the occasional beer on a porch or patio.

My plans for the future consist of quite a bit of time in the backcountry and developing those skills further. I’m working towards becoming a firefighter/paramedic and would like to get into different types of rescue operations, specially swift water. Improving my performance in triathlon is also something I’ll be working on over the next few years.

Other hobbies/things I do to make money include, but are not limited to; sewing, wood working, painting, the occasional modeling gig, barista, bar tending…

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What trips are you currently day dreaming about?

Riding a bicycle from ANWR to Tierra del Fuego, running a long trail, and doing a marathon open water swim.

Is there a trip you are planning to do next?

I’m planning several trips right now. Locations being WV, WY, and a bike ride down the Tour Divide Route.

What was the last trip you took?

I rode the Ohio to Erie trail over Memorial Day weekend.

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