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  • Cold Weather Layering Basics

    A layer system traditionally consists of 4 layers. By layering correctly, we control our body temperature and protection from the elements. Each layer is intended to provide a unique purpose. We combine our layers and accessories to those layers, making changes as often as is necessary to assure that we are sweat free, warm and comfortable moving.
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  • Government Shut Down and our Parks

    With the Government shut down, many of our favorite recreation areas are closed or lacking valuable resources for access. Websites are not being updated, restrooms are closed, trash is not being collected, and many people are taking full advantage of the lack of authority in these areas. Here are a few things to consider if you (like me) have planned an adventure this winter to one of our National Parks.
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  • Answer the Call: Recycle Your Cell Phone to Save Species!

    Did you know that when carrying a phone in your pocket, you’re also carrying a piece of gorilla habitat? Cell phones contain an ore in them called coltan, which is mined in endangered gorilla habitat in Africa.
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