Harmony 6" Deckplate w/ Catbag

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The Harmony 6.5 in. Screw-In Hatch Kit comes with a gasket, mounting hardware and a bag to store your personal belongings.  Bag is Not Waterproof. The lid is outfitted with a keeper cord.  Commonly found on, and can be used on, the Perception Tribe sit-on-top kayak, but can be installed on any kayak with an 8 inch diameter flat surface. Rim footprint is 8 inches. Lid is 6.5 inches.  Hatch bag opening is 5.25 inches. Effective rim opening is 5.5 inches. The threads on the hatch lid engage into tabs on the hatch rim. Deck cut-out is 6 and 3/8 inches. Eight Screws, spaced about 7.25 inches on center across. Instructions included.