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Eli Staggs

Hello! My name is Eli and I am very excited to be working at RRT. I couldn’t be happier to surround my self in an environment that I feel so passionate about. It is my hope I can share my love of the outdoors with you and answers any questions you may have.

I was raised in a family where camping was common and being outside was valued. But I never had an extended backpacking trip until high school. A 50 mile trip through Shenandoah National Park in early spring inspired me to thru hike one day. One week after graduating high school I found my self in Maine beginning my thru hike.

Over the past few years I have also become an avid rock climber. I love to gym climb and traverse at the Eden Park reservoir wall. I have climbed traditionally a few times down at the Red River Gorge. Climbing is a sport that I hope to continue practicing through out the rest of my life along with long distance back packing.