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Valley View Foundation

Valley View is a hidden gem that should not be overlooked. “We had been in Milford for over a year and yet I had yet to venture back to the preserve. It was a group trail run that led me back into Valley View, and since then that path has been one of my most travelled.” Says RRT Owner Bryan. The best part was that the Foundation’s beautiful trails that cut though field and forest are less than a mile from the doors of RRT.

The property hosts wildlife, a community garden, a trail system, and a walk through history. Although their footprint is relatively smaller at about 150 acres, it is easy to find yourself exploring a new trail or stumbling upon an old barn or beautiful farmhouse on the property. Their message is simple: conserve land, preserve history, and share with the community.

This message resonates loudly with the crew at RRT. We understand the importance of accessibility to the outdoors for all. That is why we strive to be strong partners with the Valley View Foundation. We work to hold classes their like Wilderness First Aid and First Responder on site. We want to work toward having a class for kid’s safety in the outdoors. We want to encourage all of our neighbors to visit and support the organization and to take advantage of this gem in our backyards.

RRT has worked to financially support the foundation since 2015 when they held their first semi-annual fundraiser at RRT to raise additional funds for Valley View. That year we were able to write a check for an additional $500 to the Foundation, and in 2017 we raised an additional $650. We also sponsor and promote their “Taste to the View” fundraising event with premier raffle items. We are also scheduling volunteer events with the Foundation and promoting those that they already have established, like their spring litter clean-ups. Be sure to check on the RRT events tab for volunteer opportunities.

For more information on the Valley View Foundation please visit:

Valley View Foundation

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