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Buckeye Trail Association

The Buckeye Trail is literally at our front door! How cool is that? The BTA has been organizing volunteers, maintaining the trail, conserving and protecting lands, mapping the trail, and much more since its inception in 1954. Their efforts have provided over 1,400 miles of hiking trails around the state of Ohio. In 2012, Milford had the official ribbon cutting making the city an official “Trail Town”.

Since RRT’s first full year in 2011, we have been helping to sponsor events and fundraising for the BTA and, in 2012, became official sponsors of the Buckeye Trail Fest, the organization’s largest event. RRT continues support through events, association promotions, and sponsorships.

Future years hope to include co-organizing more events, hikes, and increasing exposure to this great trail. Look for future events on the RRT page such as Buckeye Trail thru-hiker talks, ways to get involved, and trail town events!

For more information on the Buckeye Trail Association visit the link below:

Buckeye Trail

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